Troy Tarter is PoolStar’s Senior Technician.  He is the highly capable and knowledgeable technician that customers will often meet upon initial service or when having specialized work done such as acid washes, pool drains, tile cleaning, etc. While PoolStar refers out pool repairs, Troy is often the one to troubleshoot, diagnose, and recommend the necessary work to be done.  Behind the scenes, Troy often vets new candidates, trains technicians, fills in on routes, and advises technicians when there are situations outside of the norm.  Troy is a “jack-of-all-trades.” Not only is he highly skilled in working with swimming pools, he has all sorts of technical expertise with home maintenance and repairs. In fact, PoolStar met Troy as a professional handyman approximately 15 years ago. We were extremely impressed with his timeliness, abilities, and professionalism and when he expressed interest in the pool maintenance business, we couldn’t believe our luck.  We hired him immediately and he has been an asset to the company ever since.
Troy is a native of Indiana and came to Las Vegas in 2002 for a visit and never left.  He has a wife of 20 years and 2 sons, 1 daughters, and a granddaughter.  Troy is a tireless and dedicated worker often going above and beyond to get a job done, and get it done right.  When he is not working with swimming pools, he does handyman work on the side.  For fun or respite, Troy enjoys weightlifting and collecting vintage cowboy boots.  A talent/fun fact about Troy is that he played the drums when he was younger.  With Troy as PoolStar’s senior technician, PoolStar is able to confidently and reliably service the Las Vegas Valley specifically focusing on providing quality and professional pool service maintenance in Henderson, Anthem, Summerlin, Southern Highlands Southwest, West, Northwest and more (some of our zip codes: 89123, 89120, 89052, 89015, 89012, 89121, 89014, 89141, 89113, etc).


PoolStar™ is a Certified Pool/Spa company that is always dependable, professional, licensed, insured and family-owned. We are a growing and exceptional business that provides swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our services include pool cleaning, acid wash, green to clean, drain and refill, filter cleaning and more!
Give us a try today! PoolStar™ is so confident in our service quality, that we will price match any other pool service providers for the first month of service in the greater Las Vegas & Henderson areas!

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