PoolStar offers affordable acid wash pool service in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV. We specialize in acid wash services to remove stubborn stains from swimming pools throughout Henderson and Las Vegas.

If your pool plaster is looking stained and marked from years of water corrosion, mineral deposits, unbalanced water, or because the pool was neglected, an acid wash will brighten up the existing plaster by taking a thin layer of plaster off. It’s a 3-stage process in which we shall visit the pool the day before the wash and put in a submersible pump and pump out the water, to the wastewater outlet pipe which is generally in the front yard. The pump breaker is turned off as well as the autofill.

acid wash pool before and after

Acid Wash Pool Before and After

The following day the pool will be empty and the acid wash will be performed. During this process, the plaster is sprayed with a mixture of acid and water then washed clean with water. We wet and dry vac the pool upon clean up and then start the fill process. Once the pool is full we return to start up the system and add all the necessary start-up chemicals. PoolStar performs acid washes on pools in Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada and it’s surrounding areas. We also provide the service of simply draining the pool and refilling it to replace the water and green-to-cleans when the pool has been covered in algae. Call (702) 557-6625 today for an estimate to get your pool looking great again.

When considering an acid wash if your plaster is in good condition it might not show much of an effect as there may not be many marks to be removed. It’s more effective on older stained plaster but some plaster that is thin and has holes it may not be advised to be done. You should keep in mind that it takes a layer of plaster off so can prematurely age plaster so not advised if no esthetic appearance is going to be gained.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

Acid washing doesn’t clean the tile line. If there is just a small amount of build up on the tile this can be removed using a pool stone that you can rub the tile line with and remove the deposits. If it’s a large buildup then you’ll need to consider having it removed by a process called “bead blasting” the tile. Bead blasting is a process of removing deposits by spraying fine sand at high pressure without damaging the tiles surface that removes the deposits. PoolStar does provide this service and can coordinate it to be done if the pool is drained. Tile cleaning can also be done while the pool is full as the water can be lowered just below the tile line during the cleaning process.

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Below is an acid wash pool before and after shot

acid wash pool before and after


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