Guide on how to drain a pool or spa.

How to drain a pool or spa.

When certain levels within the water chemistry get too high then it might be time to drain your pool or spa. The main reasons are high TDS (Total dissolved solids) High calcium hardness or high cyanuric acid levels. Another reason is that your water may have become un responsive to the chemicals that you're putting into the pool, this is known as "Dropped out"

Below is a guide that you should use when draining the water.

1) Turn off the power to the pump and any other filtration system as you don't want this coming on while the pool is empty or draining. The most full proof way is to turn of the electrical breaker for the equipment.

2) Turn off the autofill if there is one so that the pool doesn't fill back up when you're trying to drain it.

3) Locate the clean out port that connects to the sewer line for the property. This connects to the under ground pipes that take away all waste water. This is normally located in the front yard or at the side of the house. It's normally a PVC pipe about 3 to 4 inches wide with a rubber cap or threaded cap on it. It can be hard to find if it's covered by landscaping. Sometimes there's a "W" marked in the side walk indicating where the sewer line is. Walk in a straight line towards the house looking for the clean out port. It's an offense to drain the water straight into the street. (Caution: Using a clean-out port in the wall creates greater potential for water to back up into the house.)

4) Connect the drainage hose from the clean out port and connect it to the submersible pump. Lower the pump into the deepest part of the pool near the main drain. Monitor the drain process to ensure that it doesn't back up. Any hose inserted into the clean out pipe can become contaminated. Once empty there maybe a few foot of water in the bottom of the pool. This can be wet and dry vacuumed out.

5) After the pool is empty perform any repairs or maintenance needed ASAP and refill the pool as direct sun light can damage the plaster.

If you have any questions or would like your pool drained please contact PoolStar using the contact us page above.