Do you have low water level in your pool?

A common issue is a low water level in a pool. There are some basic things to look for when you encounter this issue we have listed them for you below to do some basic troubleshooting.

  • Check that the autofill is turned on.
  • Check that the pressure vacuum breaker (PVB valve) that feeds the autofill is on. Here is a picture of a PVB valve so you know what to look for they are usually located near the pool equipment or around the exterior of the house. The valves are in the On position in this picture.
Pressure vacuum breaker.

Pressure vacuum breaker.

  • Check that the autofill has not got debris caught within it and moves freely. Most autofills are in the decking of the pool and are usually covered with a round plastic lid.
  • Consider doing the basic leak detection using the bucket test method to see if the pool has a leak.
  • Check there’s water to the actual property by trying other faucets and check to see that it hasn’t been turned off at the street by the water authority. Look under the manhole near the sidewalk usually marked “W” or “Water” to see if it has a lock on it.
  • If you have to fill your pool manually by hand consider using a portable over the deck autofill to fill the pool automatically.