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Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning and When to Replace.

The filter is one of the most important components of your pool.  If it is neglected, or not cleaned properly, waterflow can be restricted. This not only leaves your pool less clean but can impact your pool motor/pump.  In addition, algae can grow. So one of the best ways to ensure clean and healthy pool water, reduce wear and extend the life of equipment, and be energy efficient, is the cleaning of those filters. PoolStar cleans your filters regularly and keeps track of the condition
Filter cartridges take a beating especially in areas of high heat and high winds like the Las Vegas Valley.  Whether it’s yard debris, sunscreens and lotions, deodorants and hair products, or other things that end up in the pool; you can’t expect more than 2-3 years out of your cartridges.  PoolStar will photograph your pool filters after cleaning.  Older filters will get ragged and start to look dirty and stained despite vigorous cleaning (we use a special tool and hose), at that point, a replacement may be recommended. Another indication if they need to be replaced is if the pressure in the tank remains high and suction low after cleaning.
PoolStar is locally, family-owned and operated since 2006. We are your go-to swimming pool cleaner for affordable pool service maintenance  in Henderson, Anthem, Summerlin, Southwest, Northwest and more (some of our zip codes: 89123, 89120, 89052, 89015, 89012, 89121, 89014, 89141, 89113, etc.


PoolStar™ is a Certified Pool/Spa company that is always dependable, professional, licensed, insured and family-owned. We are a growing and exceptional business that provides swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our services include pool cleaning, acid wash, green to clean, drain and refill, filter cleaning and more!
Give us a try today! PoolStar™ is so confident in our service quality, that we will price match any other pool service providers for the first month of service in the greater Las Vegas & Henderson areas!

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