Warm water
Fall is finally here and for most of us in Las Vegas that brings a sense of relief, for others it means less time in the pool. As cooler mornings and evenings become the norm, your pool temperature may become less palatable. If your pool has a heater you may be starting to use it but with energy costs so high, you might wonder about alternative ways to get the most of our pool this time of year.   Here are some suggestions:
-Install a pool cover.  There are many types of swimming pool covers but even the most basic solar blanket cover, which can be cut to size, can actually make a significant difference in your pool water temp.  Solar covers, or blankets, are essentially large swathes of extra-strength bubble wrap made up of a plastic material that has air bubbles (think similar to packing material).  The bubbles absorb the heat of the sun and in turn, transfer that heat to your pool water. There are pros and cons to using a pool cover but they are surprisingly effective for heating the pool. SNWA has more info on the benefits and rebate coupons.
-Use a liquid solar product.  Nowadays they make a product that doesn’t go over the top of your pool, rather in your pool.  We at PoolStar have not used these personally but to get an idea of this type of product you can search for “Liquid Heat Shield for Pool” with an online retailer such as Amazon. These products apparently form a shield over the top of your pool water and lessen evaporation, hold in heat, etc.
Warm water

Heat your pool

-Try a Solar Pool Heater or Mat. Different from a major heating system that you have installed, These are basically coils that suck up the water from your pool and run through the heat generated by the sun and then disperse it back into your pool.  They can be found by searching these key terms, “flat solar mat for pool” “solar dome for pool.”  If you are considering something like this then you may want to try a hack that we at PoolStar have actually used ourselves to great success .
-Try the black hose trick. Similar to the concept above you can buy a large black garden hose and actually thread it up and over something higher up facing the sun like a fence, patio cover, etc. We have actually threaded it over a 2 story roof, you then connect the hose to a faucet on your pool pump and it will pull water from your pool, run it through the black hose, heated by the sun, and drop it back into your pool at a much higher temperature. Using this trick or hack, we have affordably been able to prolong
our swim time as a family. Note that this works particularly well for a smaller or more shallow pool.
Heat your pool via garden hose.

Solar pool heat.

Whatever you try, we hope you find ways to enjoy your pool well into fall and if nothing else, you can always use your pool for the popular health-based craze of cold water submersion aka the “polar plunge.” As your go-to swimming pool cleaning service for Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and more; We will be keeping your pool clean and maintained no matter if you prefer it warm or cold.
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