Old Swimming Pool.
Here at PoolStar we know a lot about pools but we hadn’t put too much thought to the origin of our industry. If you fly over Las Vegas, Henderson, and the rest of our valley you see a landscape dotted with little blue shapes.  It was not that long ago that a pool, even in a warm weather areas like ours, was a rare find.  Some would say the birth of the swimming pool would be ponds, lakes, or other bodies of water that nature provided.  Others would point at the public baths of ancient time.  While it would be hard to put an exact date to the time when humankind first enjoyed a soak, the ‘swimming’ pool as a modern concept was first introduced to most people as public pools; particularly in areas where houses were too small, or times when people could not afford bathtubs.  The backyard pool would take a bit longer to become a concept, it was not until the early 1900s especially after World War II that the technology of filtration became sufficient enough to to replace the need to completely drain and replace pool water as the only way to ensure good sanitation.  Additionally, a material was needed that would easily mold into shape and hold water.  Enter Gunite, a combination of sand, concrete, and water. Not only was Gunite remarkably strong, it was inexpensive and efficient to use.
Old Swimming Pool.
Today a number of materials are used to build in-ground and above ground pools and many iterations of filtration and sanitation systems have existed and evolved (you may be controlling your system from your smart phone these days!). While these systems have made it possible for us to walk right out of homes to our own private pools, they can still only do so much. Human intervention is required for regular chemical checks, vacuuming (in-pool, automatic vacuums are good but can only do so much), brushing sides and tiles (very important but often overlooked),skimming, and regular emptying of all baskets.  An out of balance pool, or one filled with leaves and other debris, can quickly turn your sparkling blue oases into the pools of past that require a drain in order to start fresh (pools should be drained every 2-3 years regardless).  PoolStar is happy to be your partner in getting full enjoyment out of your backyard pool.
PoolStar has been locally, family-owned and operated for over 17 years.  We are your go-to swimming pool cleaner for affordable and reliable pool service maintenance in Henderson, Anthem, Summerlin, Southwest, Northwest and more (some of our zip codes: 89123, 89120, 89052, 89015, 89012, 89121, 89014, 89141, 89113, etc).


PoolStar™ is a Certified Pool/Spa company that is always dependable, professional, licensed, insured and family-owned. We are a growing and exceptional business that provides swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our services include pool cleaning, acid wash, green to clean, drain and refill, filter cleaning and more!
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