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A common question is “How do I turn on the spa?” Well, this is a brief explanation on how to turn one on using a Jandy Aqualink controller. There are many types of automation controllers and they are all slightly different but basically, you’re trying to accomplish the same thing that is isolating the pool from the spa so that you only heat the spa. If there is no automation then you’ll be doing it manually.

The videos below will show you how to do it with the Jandy Aqualink controller but also below is how to do it manually too.

The first video is from the in-house controller. If you don’t have access to an in-house controller you can also do it from the outside controller the second video shows you how to do it via the outside controller.

This video shows you how to put the spa on via the outside controller.

If you don’t have automation then here is the guide on how to do it manually.
1) Locate the spa suction pipe this is the pipe connected to the pump suction side. There will be a lever covering the spa suction pipe. You want to turn the lever so that the handle is covering the spa suction pipe. On the other side of the lever there’s likely a “Off” sign marked this indicates that the pipes on that side are off.
2) Locate the spa return pipe there will be a lever covering that pipe and that lever needs to be turned so that the lever is covering the spa pipe. Doing this will turn the spa return on and the pool return off.
3) Turn on the pump if it’s not already on.
4) Turn on the heater and if you have a blower for extra bubbles you can turn that on too.

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