Pool cleaning tips.


If you’re going to clean the filters on a pool it’s best to clean them first and then service the pool afterwards. Doing it first will increase your suction when vacuuming and also sometimes when you put the tank back together some debris might return to the pool so cleaning the pool afterwards will prevent you from re-cleaning it after doing the filters.

How to have the levers set with pools that have in-floor and robotic cleaners.

In-floor cleaners (Pop Ups) Always have the suction on the main drain open at least 75% and the skimmer the other 25%. On the return side, have the levers set so that 100% of the returning water is going through the in-floor cleaning system as the pop ups need a lot of pressure to be able to Pop Up and push the dirt towards the main drain to get sucked in.

Robotic cleaners like the hayward navigators and alike. Always have the main drain closed as this prevents the vacuum from getting stuck on the main drain if they were both to be sucking. Have 75% of the suction going to the vacuum and the other 25% going to the skimmer. Ensure the vacuum cleaner is moving and adjust the suction as needed if there is too much then the vacuum might come to the surface and suck air and if there’s to little then the vacuum will not have enough suction to move.

On pools that don’t have any cleaning system, it’s mostly best to have 75% going to the skimmer to take the debris from the surface of the water before it goes to the bottom. When vacuuming a pool have 100% of the suction going to where ever you’re vacuuming the pool from. If the pump starts to cavitate when it’s got 100% going to one pipe then open up one of the other suction pipes a little. This allows it to suck water from another source. Cavitation can be caused when your trying to suck to much water down a narrow pipe like when your trying to suck through a straw.

If you think you have have a blockage when vacuuming check the end of the vacuum head first then check the end of the vacuum line and work back to the pump checking the levers turn freely without obstruction. Check the pump basket and the impeller is turning freely.

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