Swimming pool natural mineral unit.
BlueRay XL
The eco-friendly natural mineral unit called BlueRay XL we are using for our pool service customers is a small, ionized cylinder containing silver, zinc and copper.  The minerals are released into the pool and do a number of jobs: They enhance and condition the water and sanitize. Blueray XL enhances and conditions the water while constantly combining with suspended inanimate organic particulates for easy removal by the filtration system. Blueray XL neutralizes the negative effects lignin and phosphates have on water quality, eliminates the need for phosphate removers, enzyme cleaners, chemical clarifiers & harsh flocculants while catalyzing oxidation and stabilizing pH. They extend the life of the pool water and inhibit stains.
PoolStar has been utilizing natural mineral units for our customers for over 15 years. We experimented by using them in our own pool prior to deeming them a necessity for customers. We purchase them in bulk so that we are able to pass savings onto you. Customers are presently saving 33% of the cost as compared to online sales. Each unit provides benefits for 6+ months and we purposefully add them just prior to the season of peak use.  
Although pools greatly benefit from the addition of minerals, they still need weekly cleaning, water balancing, scheduled filter cleaning, and backwashing.
We are grateful to be your choice in swimming pool service providers. 
PoolStar is locally, family-owned and operated for over 17 years.  We are your go-to swimming pool cleaner for affordable pool service maintenance in Henderson, Anthem, Summerlin, Southwest, Northwest and more (some of our zip codes: 89123, 89120, 89052, 89015, 89012, 89121, 89014, 89141, 89113, etc). 
BlueRay XL


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