Swim in natural minerals

Would you like to swim in natural minerals?

PoolStar offers natural mineral products that sanitize with less chemicals using the earth’s natural minerals providing a healthier,safer,eco-friendly swimming environment. It can also help extend the life of your pool water to help extend the time between draining and replacing the water.

The PoolRx natural mineral method which is proven to provide better sanitization with less chemicals using natural minerals. This gives your pool a natural sparkle while using earth’s natural minerals. We use this product in 80% of our customers pools and we are able to offer it at 40% off online retailers at $69 and it lasts a whole year. Check out the PoolRX website for a list of all the benefits, it really works or PoolStar wouldn’t recommend.

Improve your swimming experience with mineral technology that not only makes your pool sparkle like never before but makes it feel better and provides a healthier swimming environment for you and your family. PoolRX may also help you save on your monthly power bill by reducing your pump run time. The minerals help reduce scale buildup on the surface of your pool and extend the life of your equipment.

Below are some of the benefits.

Swim in earth’s natural minerals

Swim in less toxic chemicals

Eliminates algae

Less scale build up

Extends the life of salt system cells

Extends the life of your pool water

Contact PoolStar if you’d like these benefits added to your pool?