Swimming pool equipment orientation.

The basics of most swimming pool equipment is the motor which is attached to the pump and this sucks the water from the pool and keeps it circulating within a loop from the pool and then returns into the pool. Once it's sucked in through the pump it normally goes into the filter tank then comes out of the tank via pipes and possibly into a heater if it's installed. It then returns from the heater and if it is a salt system pool it passes through the salt cell. If it doesn't have a salt system it may pass through an in-line chlorinator and then returns back into the pool either directly or through the in floor cleaning system also know as pop ups. 

Through out the equipment there maybe levers that can be moved to adjust the flow of the water either from where it's being sucked from or where it's to return to the pool or spa if there is one. Some pools may also have a solar system where by it goes up onto the roof and passes through panels then returns to the pool. Other additional equipment could be a blower that's used to send bubbles into the spa. There may also be an automatic pool cleaner that crawls around the pool cleaning it and additional pool timer control boxes and automation equipment controllers. If you'd like to have an orientation of your equipment please use the contact PoolStar page above.

Below is a brief video guide explaining the above.