Swimming pool salt system guide.

Saltwater chlorination is a process whereby dissolved salt in the water passes through the swimming pool salt system which uses electrolysis to produce chlorine to sanitize the water. So, a saltwater pool isn’t actually chlorine free, it just utilizes the salt system to generate chlorine instead of adding it to the pool manually. Salt systems do need to be maintained and checked and cleaned at least every three months.

The water chemistry also needs to be carefully monitored for the salt system to work as the PH and Cyanuric acid levels play an important part. The salt level also needs to be carefully monitored to keep a level of around 3200 ppm range or the system may not work. Also, salt systems don’t generate chlorine when the water temps go below 50 degrees so chlorine will need to be added manually during the colder months. Salt systems generally cost upwards of $1450 to install the basic ones and then depending on the size of your pool a certain amount of bags of salt need to be added to the water to achieve the desired 3200ppm level.

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