Swimming pool salt water testing.

Salt water swimming pools are very common now-days and an important part of their maintenance is to test the level of salt within the water. For most salt pool systems the correct salt level in the water is 3200ppm but you should check your salt water system’s specific manufactures recommendations . You achieve this level by adding special pool salt to the water this can be purchased at pool stores and generally comes in 40 pound bags. Follow the instructions on the bag when adding it to the pool and always add salt gradually so not to over salt the water as once it’s added it can only be removed by doing a partial drain. PoolStar tests for salt levels using a digital water proof salinity tester to gain accurate results.

Swimming pool salt water

Pool salt water testing

It’s important to achieve the correct salt level or the system will not generate chlorine and it’s also important to have the correct CYA level in the water to protect the chlorine being generated from the sun.