Swimming pool skimmers.

The main purpose of a swimming pool skimmer is to remove debris from the surface of a pool. It does this by a flow of water that is being sucked into the inlet from the pump’s suction. Skimmers are located on the sides of pools. You will notice them as an inlet within the tile line beneath the pool decking. There is a weir door inside it’s normally a small plastic rectangle that moves back and forth. When the pump is on and water is flowing into the skimmer the weir door will be down and when the pump goes off and the flow stops the weir door will float back up and close preventing the debris within the skimmer basket from going back out into the pool. Also within the skimmer there will be a basket to catch the debris that should be emptied weekly.

Pool skimmer

Swimming pool skimmer

Some pools may have several skimmers and there are commonly round plastic lids to cover the opening in the pool decking. Opening the skimmer lid allows access to the basket catching debris. The skimmer basket may be removed to access the vacuum port when manually vacuuming the pool. Sometimes there is a vacuum port located on the side of the pool. Suction to the skimmer can be regulated via a valve at the pool equipment and is moved to full suction when vacuuming and returned to the original position when vacuuming the pool is complete

Pool skimmer lid.

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