Swimming pool-spa heater basic troubleshooting.

So, you’re all set and in your swim suit and ready to jump into your lovely hot spa or getting ready to take a dip in your pool on a cooler day. You’ve turned on the heater and when you step into the water it’s cold!!……… What should you do?

Swimming pool water heater

Pool heater

Below are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can do yourself to see what might be the issue.

  • Ensure the filter pump is actually on and water is flowing through it.
  • Ensure the gas is turned on. All gas heaters have a gas valve on the metal inlet pipe to the heater ensure this is on.
  • Ensure you have gas to the property and it hasn’t been disconnected for some reason.
  • Ensure the levers that can divert water flow to and from the heater are open and close off any that can bypass the heater.
  • Behind each front panel on each heater, there’s normally a quick guide to troubleshooting that particular model. Go through the guide step by step.
  • Check to see if there’s a smell of gas this indicates a leak.
  • Check to see if the heater displays any Error messages that can be used to diagnose the issue.
  • Check that the filter cartridges have been cleaned recently and are in good condition and not restricting water flow through the heater.
  • If the heater doesn’t start after these basic processes then a repair call may be needed.

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