Swimming pool vacuum cleaner

Swimming pool vacuum cleaner

A swimming pool vacuum cleaner is a great addition to any pool to help maintain a cleaner pool in between service days. One of the most common ones on the market is the Hayward Navigator. The benefits of this type of vacuum is that it’s easy to assemble normally in under ten minutes and is also a silent cleaner with no pulsating hoses like other cleaners. These cleaners can connect to either a dedicated suction connection or into a skimmer and automatically steers its self around the pool.

Swimming pool cleaner

Pool cleaner

A good addition to adding the cleaner is to also add a leaf canister basket this catches the debris that the vacuum sucks up and prevents it from entering into the filtration system and is easy to empty. Ask PoolStar for info on these items as often rebates are being offered by the manufacturers.


Leaf catcher

Pool vacuum canister