Vacuum canister

A swimming pool vacuum leaf canister is a great addition to any pool. These canisters collect debris that the pool vacuum sucks up and prevents it from going into the pool pump. On pools that have a lot of landscaping around them these canisters can prevent line blockages that can be hard to clear and possibly need CO2 to be sent down the pipe to clear the blockage.

Vacuum canister

Prevent debris going into the pump.

There are many types of canisters available and it can depend on the type of vacuum that you have as to what one you need all though some work on all vacuums. They are easy to install as they just go in between the hoses and having it installed near to where the hose goes into the pool wall will make it easier to empty on a weekly basis. Ensure that you submerge them into the water clearing them of air prior to putting it on the vacuum hose.
The lids can sometimes be hard to remove on some models in these cases some lubrication can be added to the gasket to allow ease of removal. Ensue the lids are tight as they can suck in air to the system if they are loose or the gasket gets damaged.

These canisters are especially handy in the fall time when tree debris goes into the pool.

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