The benefits of a variable speed pool pump

The benefits or a variable speed pool pump

Basically, a variable speed pump means just that, it can run at variable speeds in comparison to a regular pool pump that is set to run at only one speed which is normally at 1hp to 2hp (Horse power). Being able to run at variable speeds translates to BIG savings on your power bill.  Up to 90% more efficient saving you hundreds per year.

Depending on what model you purchase, the pump will cost you around $1600 that’s for both supply and install but considering that you can save that amount and possibly more within the first year, they pretty much pay for themselves in as little as 12-18 months.  You then keep on saving your money year after year.

The other benefits to variable speed pumps is that they’re extremely quiet and you can barely hear them running at typical speeds.

Last, variable pumps have longer trouble-free servicing periods, they produce far less heat and vibrations compared to conventional motors (which results in a longer life span). They can protect themselves from overheating, freezing and loss-of-prime issues; all of which help preserve and extend the life.

If you’re interested in the exceptional savings that a variable speed pump can offer, contact PoolStar the Henderson swimming pool service company today (702) 557-6625. Below is a brief guide on the Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump control basics.