Swimming Pool Muriatic Acid

If you have a Jandy Truclear salt system on your pool equipment it will need to have routine maintenance done to it and one of the items needed is the cleaning of the actual salt cell. This is a brief guide on how to do this process and it should be checked at least every two months to ensure that any build up is kept to a minimum. You can get full details on this system at Jandy’s website

First, you need to ensure the controller to the pool is off and not going to come back on during the cleaning of the salt cell. If you have automation you can put the controller into “Service mode” if you don’t then you can just turn the power off to the system controller. You’ll also need to disconnect the salt cell from the salt cell controller too by unscrewing the connection on the end of the cord to the controller. Jandy recommends using a cleaning mixture of 10 parts water to one part muratic acid. Use a bucket with this correct mixture. When ready unscrew the cell from the pipe and put it into the bucket submersing the cell in the mixture. It should start to bubble, once the bubbling stops normally after 10-15 minutes depending on calcium build up rinse off the cell with fresh water once done. You can also use a small wooden only cleaning stick to knock off small amounts of build up too. Be cautious with the mixture as muratic acid is very harmful if used in-correctly read all instructions on the acid container prior to using and use cloves when handling. Only use the recommended level of acid no more as this too can harm the cell.

Once done screw the cell back into the pipe union connect the cable to the salt cell controller and turn the system back into “Auto mode” and power on the system. Check for leaks once water is flowing and you can dispose of the cleaning mixture of water and acid into the pool this will lower the PH a little. The video here also explains the above process.

Jandy Truclear salt system

Jandy Truclear


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