Green pool

Do you have a green pool? If so this can be caused by many reasons. The main reasons are because there’s a lack of filtration and or a bad chemical balance. Ensure that your pool pump is running long enough so that the entire water contents of your pool filters through the filter tank within a 24 hour period. Normally this is between 8-12 hours depending on how large a pool you have. Water chemistry balance is very important. You need to keep the balance level at the recommended levels. Make sure that there are algaecides being used and that the phosphate level is low by using a phosphate testing kit. Another factor can be high total dissolved solids (TDS) and or low cyanuric acid levels. Pool water in the Henderson and Las vegas area does need to be replaced periodically when certain levels become too high a pool drain is needed. Check that your filter tank is clean as these need to be cleaned at regular intervals. There are treatments available like a green to clean process that can clear the pool water without having to drain the pool, a water chemical analysis will determined if this is possible.

Green pool

Green swimming pool

PoolStar™ can help you with any of these problems and treat as needed to get your pool looking blue again. We provide green to cleans without having to drain the pool and we can also do chlorine washes, pressure washes and acid washes depending on what’s needed. Just contact us with any questions you have and we shall be happy to help.


PoolStar™ is a Certified Pool/Spa company that is always dependable, professional, licensed, insured and family-owned. We are a growing and exceptional business that provides swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our services include pool cleaning, acid wash, green to clean, drain and refill, filter cleaning and more!
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