Pentair iChlor salt system.

Pentair’s latest salt system is the best yet it’s very compact and an all in one system. All it needs is a power pack. If you already have a Pentair Intlichor cell that needs replacing then you can add the new iChlor without any additional plumbing and wiring needed.

The iChlor produces chlorine as the salt water passes through the cell and then repeats. The ideal salt level for the water is 3200ppm. Go easy on adding the salt to the pool as once it’s in the water the only way to take it out if it’s too high is to partially drain it. Add some and then test after a few days then adjust as needed.

Cleaning the cell is easy too the recommended mix is one part acid to four parts water and there is a salt cell cleaning stand that should be used. The cell only generates chlorine when the pump is running and water is passing through the cell. It can be hooked up to automation systems or stand-alone so long as there a time clock attached to it. Here is some more info on the basics of salt systems Swimming pool salt system guide

Full details on the iChlor below if you would like this iChlor added to your pool please contact PoolStar.