Swimming pool freeze protection tips.

During the colder months in Las vegas and Henderson areas it can freeze and you should take some precautions with regard to your swimming pool and its equipment to help prevent issues.

If freezing conditions are forecast it’s advisable to run the pool pump equipment during these periods. Many pools with automatic controllers have freeze protection options so make sure they enabled within the controller. The latest variable speed pumps also have their own freeze protection options that are set to come on if the temp within the pump goes below 40″ is the standard default. Also set your pool pump timer to run during the night time in the winter months as equipment is less likely to freeze if water is flowing through the pipes

Solar heating systems should be turned off and drained. Some of them drain automatically others have a faucet or levers which allow for water to be emptied from them.

Cover your faucets and anti siphon valves that feed the swimming pool autofill with thermal freeze protection covers like the one below.

Freeze protection

Freeze protection

Here’s a link to more info “Time to change your pool pump run time schedules”

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