Swimming pool springtime

Springtime, it’s that awesome time of year when the sun shines and the flowers pop up. It’s also that time of year that you need to do all the spring cleaning and not to forget do all the things that need to be checked on the swimming pool. Below are some of the main things that need to be checked prior to the summer heat arriving and the pool getting heavily used.

Firstly, check all the levels within the pool water chemistry. Some levels that may not have been checked recently are the calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid level and the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels. These are important to check as if they are allowed to become too high they can cause adverse affects on the pool. Too low a level will also have adverse affects on the pool water. Test and treat the pool as needed on these levels. If they are too high then springtime is a good time to consider draining and refilling the pool to allow fresh water to reduce the levels.

Check your filter tank too as it’s likely in need of filter cleaning if it hasn’t been done recently.

Check that all your equipment is working correctly and without leaks. Check pressure gauges and that all levers turn freely.

Swimming pool springtime

Pool springtime to do list.

Check that you have enough of all the required chemicals for your type of pool and if they are old depose of them safely. Check that your chemistry test kit is still within date if you think it might be too old then it’s best to replace so you continue to get accurate test results for the coming year.

Adjust pump run time from the winter season to the summer season. Often this is extending the run time and changing it to run from the evening to the day time.

If you have a salt system don’t forget to check to see if the salt level is correct within the water and to see if the salt cell needs cleaning too.

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