Mediterranean Fan Palm

Swimming pools in Las Vegas are great for cooling off during the hot summers and are a lot of fun too. It’s also nice to cool off under the shade of a tree but not all trees are pool friendly as they can cause for a lot of tree debris especially in the fall when they drop leafs. It’s important to choose your landscaping with the pool in mind as it’s no fun to have a nice looking yard but a pool full of landscaping debris. Landscaping debris that goes into a pool will not only make it messy but will also increase the  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) within the water which in turn will cause for algae blooms and be harder to manage and ultimately the pool water would need to be drained and refilled. Also, the pesticides and fertilizers used on landscaping can get into the water and that too will cause issues with the water. Below are some trees to consider when choosing landscaping for your yard with your pool in mind.

Live Oak is a pool friendly tree it’s an evergreen tree so it doesn’t shed a lot and hardly has any clean up needed which is ideal for being around a pool.

Pool tree

Pool friendly tree.

Mediterranean fan palm is a resort style tree that has multiple trunks. They look great around pools and have minimal clean and and are low maintenance. They also can become draught tolerant and can survive with little water.

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Pool friendly tree

Pygmy date palm is also nice looking around pools giving it a tropical look. They can go in small tight spots and can also live in pots. They have a long life span and their roots are non invasive ideal for around pools.

Pygmy Date Palm

Pool friendly tree

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