Swimming pool actuator valves used for pool automation.

If your pool has an in-house or handheld remote control or maybe you can control your pool equipment via your phone then you’ll likely have some swimming pool actuator valves used for pool automation. These valves respond to commands from the control panel and turn in different directions to change the flow direction of the water within the pipes. A common use for them is for water features and when using a spa-hot tub. For example when you put the controller into “Spa mode” the actuator on the spa suction pipe will turn so that it’s only sucking water from the spa and the actuator on the return side will turn so that it’s only returning water to the spa. This will isolate the spa from the pool so that you’re only heating the water within the spa and not the pool and spa.

Jandy actuator valve.

Used for controlling the direction of flow.

Actuator valve control switch

Control valve switch

Above you’ll see an image of where a switch is located on the actuator valves so that you can change the direction in which the handle turns. If the actuator valve is set correctly then these switches should not be moved. If you find that the valve turns the wrong way then you can adjust the direction by using these switches. Sometimes they can be located underneath the actuator valve. Locate the switch if needed by feeling around the valve to adjust as needed. For example if you find that your spa drains out of water when in spa mode it’s likely that the return side actuator valve is not set correctly and may need adjusting so that water flows back into the spa only. Or, maybe your spa over flows with water when in spa mode then that might indicate that the actuator valve on the suction side is not set to spa suction only. If you use the switch and the lever doesn’t move at all it could indicate that the actuator may need repairs or possibly replacing.

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